Before take off!

March 31, 2009

I just want to say before I head off on my first excursion with Michael to Europe, that I have been preparing my tummy for the large amount of cheese and bread that will be consumed within the next 3 1/2 weeks. I also have been smart and started upping my nightly wine routine to 3 glasses so when I am drinking my way through italy I wont end up laying on the side of the road begging Michael to drag me to bed. I am so excited, and I am even more glad that I can share with all of you through pictures my wonderful trip. I also think it is important to make a diary of my first ever Europe trip so I always remember how it was. Who knows, if our school interviews go well, we might be back over here for years to come!

7 Responses to “Before take off!”

  1. Wardface McGee Says:

    Miss Cheese, I think you are wise to have prepped your guts for the onslaught of culinary wonders that await you. I’m so, so excited for you, and I will follow your every wine-logged update. Also, in solidarity, I will begin drinking several bottles of wine per day, and pretend that I am in an Italian gutter with you.


    Bon voyage and muchos amore,
    WF McGee

  2. Dad Says:

    Hi Aimmee:
    I kind of like the colors on the blog. Leave it alone. Have a place where you post your pictures.

  3. redsar Says:

    mmm, cheese… surprisingly i had little trouble digesting most, if not all of the culinary adventures from europe. i only lost weight! can’t wait to see glorious food photos!

  4. petite soeur Says:

    I love the blog, yay! Can’t wait to see the first day en Paris!

  5. planettrout Says:

    Yea, and I am stuck here with the cheesiest of cheeses – AlloCheese…


  6. planettrout Says:

    The world is watching!!!

    Michael Barker and Aimee Brodeur in Europe…(Grape tour’09)

    April 3, 2009 by planettrout | Edit

    Follow their photographic, culinary and wine guzzling exploits here:

    Bonjourcheese’s Blog


    Posted in Family fly fishers | Tagged Amsterdam on a dime, digital splendor, generation Y in paris, Insane on the Seine, my good friends in Marsailles, SKATEBOADING the Lourve, uncorked bottles, what I did not catch in Italy | No Comments »

  7. Dad Says:

    hello aims!

    love your pictures and Want your food!

    You look so content and so happy, such a sweet smile – something i remembered from when you were mon petit! i love you sweetie,and am so proud of you for being so brave to go over to europe with michael! you look so classy in your rescued mink neck-warmer…send us pictures of italy…Soon! love you and miss you more….your dad!

    ps – carrie says you looks absolutely internationally incredible -think austin powers baby!

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