Paris Day 2

April 4, 2009

Bonjour family and friends, today has ended for michael and I. I have lot of energy still and I am sitting and listening to jazz while eating a Fantachoc, which is a chocolate covered waffle from Belgium. But lets get into the day!


Today went to antique markets, first we had to walk through all of these horrible loud g unit rap music parts with people selling pink faux colored fur and adidas, but then we took a tiny street and ended up in antique heaven. I mean heeaavveen (they claim it’s the biggest flea market in the world). For those who go to the rose bowl type of flea markets  imagine getting a glimpse and 2 hundred year old clothing, embroidery, drapes, rugs, tables, shoes,toys, eye glasses, lamps. Each vendor’s spot was practically a museum.  It was beautiful, looking at all of these antiques in hidden alley ways. Each vendor had there own little room,which they filled with music and such an ambience. We did not take many pictures because the vendors asked us not to.

img_1259img_12561img_1258img_1261img_12631See the hidden passage ways. This one led us to the most beautiful furniture I have ever laid eyes on. So intricate. Such good quality. And certain merchant had separated all their pieces by designers (especially the French Art-Deco ones).  So amazing! I mean the heavy-ness of everything and how well made it was.  Tres bon.img_1265Afterwards, we decided to take a walk down the Champs Elysees. Now… I cant say I am a big fan of over populated frou frou high end stores, so I was not too into it. Michael was not too into it as well. that is… until we came upon Paul Bakery. They have been making such yummy pastries and breads since the late 1800’s. I have read about this place and was so excited to try. I let out a shout that said MACARONS! And in we went.

img_1266Ah hem… another drunk face with food. I am not sure why Michael even finds me attractive still. I try getting him with his facial expressions. I find him much more photogenic while shoving food in his face.

img_1269This was a vanilla Macaron. Now let me me embellish a bit. This is such a raved about french pastry. They look a bit japanese to me with there bright colors and fun shape. But no no. These  are so good. I can’t say it enough. The amount of crunch and texture that is chewy and then you break into the soft cream that mixes with the chewy vanilla ( that was the flavor of this one) was just absolutely perfect. I have been turned on. I will forever crave you Macarons. Tomorrow we are going to Pierre Herme, the creme de la creme of Macarons, ah the different flavors that await me!
img_1270The happy sugar loaded couple.

Okay I am skipping lunch…. that is because there is such thing as a bad lunch in Paris. Trust me I had one. I had been walking for an hour 1/2 trying to find a cute cafe that said ” I am quaint, I am semi reasonably priced, I have yummy wine, and the view from your lovely sidwalk table will be perfect” Low and behold, I had found you. You were lovely, and so close to Chanel and Prada, you were perfect. But alas. I sat down at you and your waitor was a total rude french man. Mocking us, with our shaky french. And then plopping down a disgusting looking salad in front of me, canned corn pieces of white chicken and piece of lettuce that looked like a dog had chewed at it. Also the frites were poor. I have better frites in LA any day. 

Sorry for the rant. I am moving on. This wont happen again I told myself. Michael agreed, he was trying to keep good spirits, he told me we will only go to the best and well talked of cafes in the future when picking at random. 

So I took a nap, hey! Its vacation. I love naps. I wish I could take them everyday. It was lovely in the paris sunshine, Michael went and took care of some Eurail business and then came and woke me up. We got ready and walked to get espresso for my still sleepy head. I was awake at once! And ready to have an authentic Senegalese meal. There are many African immigrants here, and we wanted to take appreciation to the authentic african cuisine that was offered.

I had no idea what I was ordering, but it was fish (Senegal’s national dish) and michael has chicken. The meal that awaited me changed my life. Looks simple, but it was to die for. img_1280img_1281Atop is my fish with a thick red and oily sauce I dipped my cous cous like rice into. It has a thick piece of cabbage a carrot and a potato, though it was thicker than a potato, more hearty. Anyays, the flavor was out of this worl. Spicy, tangy, savory. Somewhat like indian food but less curry.  Michael has a chicken breast with these onions that were sauted with a thick sauce, along side was a spicy pepper sauce (and I mean really spicy) and rice.

These meal warmed us up and we shared a glass of red wine with it. It was so romantic and lovely. I can’t tell you enough. I would come back here for sure. So then we were serenaded by a man with an amazing instrument.  (It sounds like a harp/guitar but it’s played faster) Like Tomas in Skins! (hannah and landon reference) It was beautiful the strings and his voice, oh it made the whole meal so lovely.img_1283

img_1284img_1290img_1298img_1301Afterwards it was off to home. We are staying in such a great neighborhood with such a good amount of bars and cafes. It is the Chatelet, right off of Rue St. Honore.We stopped for a half bottle of wine and talked through the rest of the evening until late.

img_1314thats my dance moves. You know the moves that come out after 2 glasses of wine.

img_1315Fin! We are off to bed. Take care and we love you.

xoxo gossip girl, I am teasing, whoa I need to go to bed. Love aimee and mike.

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