Paris Day 1

April 4, 2009

Hello friends and family! yes this is what I looked like as I arrived onto our first airplane. We were informed that we would probably be missing our connecting flight to Paris, and we would be taking BBq photos for you in Yehaw land.



img_1116Although the man next to us saw Michaels sad face as well and offered him our first gourmet meal of the day, double whoppers. What a happy looking camper. Thank god.

img_1124Looks like I will try and get some shut eye, I was too sad to think of a possible night in Dallas away from my beloved cheese.

img_11291Have you ever seen happier faces! My god it was like out of a movie. As we arrived in Dart fart worth, they told us we had exactly 10 minutes to make our connecting flight. Michael was a brave soul and pushed through the line of people me in the back shouting, we have to get to Paris! Not really… okay kind of. Then we made a mad mad dramatic all running dash to 2 gates away, and there it was, final boarding to Paris. Look at us. we are the happiest kids in the world.

img_1140Yes everyone! Look at those, my beloved holding my second beloved. 2 Baguettes for lunch. Eating in the popular Chatelet.img_11441See this face, I do not know why but I will be making this stupid french sexy look every time I eat one of these baguets, its embarrassing but the goodness is overwhelming. That is turkey swiss and some lettuce on a baguet, simple and delish. Michael is eating an olive tomato and mozza panini.img_1152Look at this, he is so handsome! What a luck american girl I am. After this we took off for the river to walk along the edge and to give lazy legs a good needed stretch.img_1155The river! and me! Strutting my lazy self all over.  The weather was beautiful. The sun was somewhat out, and we were so happy to be strolling about.

img_11642We walked to the St.Germain and we stumbled across a delicious market. They made everything there. Look at those! oh my goodness.img_11651MMMMmmmm. Smoke salmon, I do not know what that jelly like gelatin is atop all of the meats but it was beautiful! More on this place later, we had just finished lunch so we were a bit full, but we knew we would have to come back!

img_1166Bonjour first cafe! Well… this is not the first cafe we saw, my goodness they are everywhere, Parisians must adore there cafes, they are everywhere, all over, people just out and about sitting at them for hours. I could only imagine what my lunch time would be like if I were to live here, probably a 2 hours lunch break! Anyways, I was starting to feel a bit tired, yes these pictures do not show me starting in with the jet lag, but it was, and my feet, oh, the need for cute shoes and miles of walking, there is a price to pay.

img_11742HA HA. Yes thisis the price I paid, drinking my foot sorrows with half a bottle of wine. Not all to myself, geez, with Michael of course. It hit the spot. But then.. well the spot started to make me incredibly tired. I wanted to take a nap right then and there. Poor Michael, he tried to keep my awake.img_1175
img_11781What a champ I say, go michael go! I am teasing we were very pleasant at the table no crazy-ness of any kind a hem.

We then made a plan, since I was falling asleep and Michael was secretly too, we thought we would walk to the Eiffel Tower and take a nap on the grass underneath to regain some energy. img_1182Look who we met along the way. How fat is he! Oh my goodness he made me laugh so hard. He is a fat king is what he is. And exactly what I plan on looking like when I arrive back home. img_1191Ah yes, I have to tell you as a first timer: It really is magnificent in person. So huge! So breakthaking. Aw, I felt in awe, and in love, and oh so tired still haha.img_1199
img_1194So pretty!img_1211Nap time. We fell asleep so fast I tell you. 2 min tops! I was out like a light. Speaking of light, the light is Paris, is so beautiful. Every Photo was gorgeous. We fell asleep for around 45 min, and felt great when we woke up.

img_1235Sunset, and dinner time.

img_1239This was insane. let me tell you. Imagine a potato with grazy and cream all settled inside a pastry shell, with parmesan atop. It was so rich and filling. We bought this at the tiny market we showed you earlier. It was so yummy. We also bought a baguette. They are cheap and oh my god, so good. This one was so perfect. SO much olive oil with arugula sun dried tomatoes, proscuitto. Tre bien!

img_1242img_1245Ha another of the drunk baguette photos. I feel alone Michael! Help me out, show them how yummy they were!

img_1249Yes, yes… orgasmic I can see. Well that is it We went to sleep shortly after a quick walk back home. I hope you liked our photos.

I want to say hello to hannah and landon, we will miss you. And to our families we miss you too.

bonsoir my sweets.

5 Responses to “Paris Day 1”

  1. petite soeur Says:

    Mom and I just finished looking at your lovely photos! It’s about 8:20am here…I love your drunken baguette face..I swear thats exactly how you feel when ever you open your mouth to place some of their extra creamy food inside!! I am so glad you are having a good time, I love the pictures and comments!

    Avoir un bon jour Aimee et Michael, je ne peux pas attends pour les photos de demain! Je t’aime!

  2. shane Says:

    that cheezy gravy ball sounds AMAZING. i want one now!

    i ran into hannah and landon at taco zone last night, i told them how i feel like i know them because i hear all your stories, haha!

    glad to see your first day was such an adventure!

  3. planettrout Says:

    My Gawd!!!

    Both of you will have to fly home in the cargo hold of a Jumbo Jet!!!

    Knosh onward…


  4. HIIIII WE ARE JUST READING ALL OF YOUR STORIES NOW!! (in my baby sister’s mega comfy bed!) i’m so happy for you two foody folks! (and jealous too!) we miss you guys! you look so happy and well fed in all of these posts!

    i love you!

  5. Dad Says:

    That hike in Italy looked simply amazing. That old bridge with the branches for railings was so unbelieveable. Those houses perched on those rock outcroppings was wild.
    Italy sounds great.
    I gain weight every time I read your blog. You are in foody heaven over there.

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