Paris day 3

April 5, 2009

Oh what a long long day. For some reason mike and I like to wake up at 6:30 every morning rearing to start the day. Then we try and close our eyes and then we sleep until 10:30 and we are tiiireed. It is odd and strange. No nappy time for me today, I made it through the whole day. Here is hoping I sleep soundly. Tomorrow we leave for Marseille at 1pm. So lets get into the day!

We left the house around 11am and headed to the famous Cafe le Flore for hot chocolate and cafe. 
img_1317The grand set up:

img_1320img_1321img_1322img_1323Do you see that… that is the best hot chocolate in the world. it was thick and creamy, pure chocolate and cream.

img_1326Id say they had themselves a very happy customer.

img_1328Thats me, and Franny. Franny is my pet mink. I saved her from years of living in some old womens dark closet for years. Now look at her strutting her stuff around Paris. We make each other happy.

img_1331Happy Parisians, eating fried eggs on toast, and happily people gazing.

Now we were off, content with our drinks, we headed to the Market by the Eiffel Tower. They sell fresh fruits, great for picnics and little souveniers.

Look who we say on the way there!

img_1332Madeleine! And her classmates, wow, I was star struck . I ran up to them and started playing with their hats. I am teasing. I did nothing of the sort. And that is not madeleine,but a girl can dream can’t she.

img_1340Couple and Franny.

Now we walked around 45 min to the eiffel tower. We walked through St. Germain. Hands down my favorite part of Paris. I love the walk, never a dull moment. Cute alley ways, and I get to see a bunch of real Parisians living their life. With kids and eating at cafes. I enjoy it so much. Alsmost as much as when we got completely lost around this time and missed the market. Yeah… thats right a long walk for no market. We tend to do that a lot in paris, get lost. I can’t say it is my fondest times.

So off to Pierre Hermes, so sweeten my mood!

img_1343Bonjour my sweet.




img_13471img_1349Macaron time, now Pierre Hermes makes very very interesting Macarons, Like rose and cream and black currant. We also had caramel and fudge.

These are not cheap little items so we let them melt in our mouths and savoured each bite.

img_1352Big! Size. That way they are life like to you all over in American land.

img_1354Michael’s first bite.


and the verdict michael?

img_1355Aw amour.

Mike also got this fun little passion fruit pastry that was flakey like a croissant but squishy too. Going by that description I should really start reviewing food for a profession don’t you think HA.

img_1363img_1367Just hanging out by the fountain. 

Okay our next place of interest was Rose Bakery in Montmartre. We had never been to this area of Paris before. Believe it or not, there is a small portion of it that is like a silverlake echo park feel. I was wondering where all of the anorexic hip kids were! We found them! Rose bakery is an organic bakery with yum yum food. I have heard great things about it. Also in Montmartre is the Moulin Rouge, lots os sex and tourists. But since sex is not interesting or anything, here are more food shots!

img_1374This was our actual first meal of the day. Does espresso and sugar count? Not for us. This was smoked salmon and eggs also we had half a loaf of bread and butter, we ate that like wild beasts since we were hungry, so not photos. Plus French people think it is very odd when I pull out a camera at every chance I get. Whatever I say. You have good food here so deal.

img_13771Mike was into the tea pot.

img_1380img_1382After this we decided we really were into the area and wanted to see what we could discover. So we took a pretty long stroll. We came upon a long long antique street market. I think we are drawn to these no matter what. They love us, we love them. Bring on the old stuff.

img_13831Mike really likes this. Its very pretty. I think Mike has been drawn to these sun dial shapes lately, I notice him always bringing them up. He snapped this without my knowing, I wish I had seen it, he would have gotten a surprise present.

img_1384cats anyone?

img_1386cutest girl in the world anyone? Yeah, she was in charge of the books, all on her own. Don’t you want to know her, have her read you one of those books. What a captivating face. I just stood there looking at her until she looked up and then I snapped this photo. Man, I want one.

img_1388What an odd placement for two things. The french, what a wacky bunch.

img_1392img_1393totally different table than the cats.

img_1394img_1396img_1399Look at this kid. Is that not funny. In a cute way mind you. I hope he looks like this when get gets older.

So we are at the top of this huge hill by the Scre Couer. Unfortunately this is a huge tourist area. There were over a hundred people on the steps behind us singing coldplay songs, oasis songs, and that one song that they sing at Cinco de Mayo. It was odd, and we were not into it. So we did not stay that long, it was a bit Haight Ashbury with the whole smoking weed getting along and singing thing.

img_1400Although it did offer an incredible view of all of Paris.

So on our way home we stopped at a tiny market and bought a bottle of wine, stinky cheese, bread and fig jam. We were going to eat that after dinner.

I have to say, out of the food I have had here. Nothing beats street baguettes and street crepes.

So We had dinner right around the corner from our house

img_1401they are so happy!

img_1403Jambon and fromage – Ham and cheese with salt and pepper

img_1405eggplant peppers and cheese panini

img_1406img_1407Alright, I am done for the night. Mike and I are finishing off a bottle of wine right now, and bed and sleep are calling me. Off to Marseille tomorrow. Then Cinque Terre Italy.

Paris is a good place. I definitely have found places I love and places I am not too crazy about. Also, I really want to master the language much better. It is such a struggle and frustrating for me at times. I try very hard but they seem to not care. I now know why the french are so proud. I can tell. This plae is so beautiful, and I can see why so many think it is romantic. I feel that away about certain parts. The River is beautiful, but I find myself attracted to the quite quant areas, with little people and crammed alley ways. I think cinque terre might offer more of this, and I can’t wait.


Hope you are all healthy and well. Our love goes out to each and everyone of you.

Love aimee and michael.

3 Responses to “Paris day 3”

  1. planettrout Says:

    I want the dead animal head!!!


  2. Dad Says:

    I think you need to re-name this trip “Gastronimic Adventures of Aimee and Michael”
    The food looks and sounds wonderful and really quite high in calories. You only get to experience Paris for the first time once. Bon appetit.
    Oh, and tell the rude waiter “Vous êtes un homme grossier et insignifiant de liitle. Veuillez prendre votre mauvaise attitude et poussez-la vers le haut de votre Ass.”

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