April 6, 2009

Hello from Marseille. I am going to go to bed soon, but I had gotten word from a friend that she wanted to see new photos tonight, so here I am while Michael is saying.. no blogging tonight. 

Again I am sitting with a glass of Rose wine, the wine is so easy to get there on every street, you just pop in and there are stores full of wine starting at 2 EU to around 90EU.


Okay so today, thismorning was our last breakfast in Paris. Thy have good little deal in Paris, 1 cafe and crossaint for 1.50 EU not bad eh. But we went with the full delux this morning with a cafe called  Cafe The by the Louvre.

 img_1414In Paris, the cafe is all about who and what you will be looking at. At least for us it is. If you have a great street view you are set for about an hour.

img_1417After breakfast we went…shopping. Mike was dead set on finding a jacket since he only had one on the entire trip So off to Zara we went. He found one, and he was happy. So then we boarded the train to Marseille.

What a lovely train ride really. So beautiful and relaxing. We both drank a beer, slept on and off and in 4 hours we were win Marseille. Such a delight. I loved taking the train.

img_1428img_1425img_1449img_1458Okay small very personal small side note:

As we passed through these towns I kind of wandered off in silence. I thought about a life in the city of Paris, and how much I would love to own land in the country of Paris. How important it would be for me to once have children that knew how to grow up in the country side. These towns were so small, so breath taking. They cared only for the land the live on. Tending to their farms and sheep. Huge manors made of stone. It reminded me of my dear friend Sage’s home. How when you enter her house it is so like this. Swept away, on it’s own. Its own people, its own rhythm. Fresh food… I saw a women walking her dog up this incredibly long long path, probably just walking to the end and back. Such silence and solitude. So kept away from people. I loved that. A place to escape… I was really in another world on this train ride. 



img_1444When we arrived in Marseille the map told us our Hotel was in a completely different area of town. So we traveled there could not find it, asked about, no one knew what we talked about, then finally settled on sitting a cafe have a cafe, and going through a local phone book. Phone books, remember those! When the internet is not in use a ha, a phone book, so incredibly helpful with its maps and numbers.  We found our hotel, called them, and got on the metro back nto the other part of town. There I looked up some good local places to have a good drink and some appetizers. We found hands down, best spot. Best view cutest ma I add radest little spot. All vintage old inside, and on top of everything. I love it. It was in a place called Hotel Bellvue.

img_14871img_1489img_1491img_1495We had the beef charqutterie  with parmesian and capers. before that we ordered Guinness beer and they gave us an anchovy spread with baguette and some tiny pieces of foccacia and vegetables. I do not know what I was thinking ordering raw beef. I would have been sick. So Michael was so sweet and let me put all of the cheese and capers onto bread, while he ate the beef and anchoivy. Mike said… My dad would love this meal right here. I said what part? he said the raw meat, good beer, and anchovies.  

After sitting and staring at the sea, we got up and took a couple hour walk around the port.

img_1496img_1499img_1503img_1505img_1507As the sun set, we decided it had been a long day and we took a long walk around the bay as it grew dark. We then walked back to the hotel and shortly after fell asleep. See you tomorrow. Love aimee and michael.

5 Responses to “Marseille”

  1. planettrout Says:

    I hope it is not rolling in the next portion of your journey…


  2. petite soeur Says:

    Your blog has become my homework break this evening :] As i sit here, reading your silly commentary on food and the french, you might like to know what I am eating? well, let me tell you…i am attempting to swallow “organic” tortilla soup, which plopped out of the can into my bowl in the exact shape of the can in which it was packaged. You know how canned cranberries look around thanksgiving? yea. thats my soup. only with corn and beans. mmm. oh, and to make it even better, i found a small box of wheat thins to crunch up and put in it…because heaven forbid if the cafeteria should have tortilla chips!! so, in other words, me watching you eat the most delicious looking food i have seen in months is quite torturous , but i’m glad one of us is eating well :]
    Marseille looks beautiful. as do you! I am surprised the Parisians were not more friendly to you two, when i see the pics, you guys don’t look American at all!
    Oh, and I especially love your little furry friend. Pahaha!
    Did you take the highspeed train to Merseille? That is the one I took to Aix, the views looked so similar! I love that I can picture you and Mike in the train station because I have been there too!
    I can’t wait to see more photos (and have another break from homework!)
    I love you so much!
    Oh look at that, my soup is gone and I feel the need to vomit. big surprise. I bet you’re eating some wonderful bread right now…with cheese….and lord knows what other heavenly creation they put on it. Oh! When i was in southern france I ate a frites sandwich…its a baguette with frenchfries in it and spicy mustard…not bad. have you encountered those? Well, in case you’re looking for a clogged artery, i would recommend that 🙂
    Ok, back to homework. Say hello, er, Bonjour, to Mike for me! Au bientot ma soeur, je t’aime!

    • bonjourcheese Says:

      HI Noelle! Aw I love hearing from you! I am glad you like reading it so much. I just woke up right now, and I love getting on to see what my family has written me when I wake up since right now you are sleeping. I am not totally going to have to find a frites sandwich!I wish the Parisians were more friendly to me as well. I carry around my french book, and I try so hard to remember what I read but then it goes right out the window! It is going to be raining all day in Marseille, so this could be interesting. I love you I am glad you are being busy and doing well in school. I will talk to you soon my little cabbage. See I forget how to say it in french. Mon petite jeu? eh whatver. Oer e vua!

  3. petite soeur Says:

    AH! I don’t know where that creepy smiley face came from. that won’t happen again!

  4. Diane Says:

    I am sorry you haven’t heard from me directly, I have been keeping up with your posts from Noelle as I was with her in San Fran this weekend. She has been sending you notes and I have not been near a computer. I have absolutely loved all of the posts you have done, I get the biggest kick out of your comments and photos. I don’t know why, but I find you to be absolutley hilarious! Maybe it is because I am yout mom but you crack me up. I love the photos of you and Michael and of course the food. I predicted I would see a lot of photos of food from you as you do like to do that, as I recall you did that a lot with Michael when you two were out to eat. I think it is wonderful that you are both having this experience in the world. Remember, every experience is a life experience, even if you are not happy about what happened. It is all good! I miss you very much and love hearing from you so much. I am sorry I missed your call on Sunday, my phone was on vibrate, I saved your message to listen to it over and over again, I love to hear your voice! Life is good here, but better where you are. How wonderful to experience a different culture and outlook on life, very thought provoking and allows you to be a little introspective and think about what is important to you and what makes you tick. The coffee is to die for over there isn’t it? You will take a while to get used to the old coffee here when you get back. I agree with Noelle, neither of you look like “americans” too much. I will try to respond to you each night now that I am home again. I was hanging with Bob last night so did not get on the e-mail. Hope you enjoy your time in southern France. Love you lots and lots and lots. (and Michael too). Catch up with you tomorrow.


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