Italy.. soon haha

April 12, 2009

Michael and I are currently racking up Euro on the internet minute by minute. Here is Cinque Terre there is not wifi, so no posts for you! But we leave today on a train to amsterdam. A 16-hr train that is. So when I get there I will post you the most beautiful and best images. Michael says, “and tastiest”.

I cant explain enough how amazing italy is…a place I will come to and travel to the rest of my life. We have been fortunate enough to be here, and this portion of our trip was the most pleasant by far.  I cant wait to show you images.

Yesterday Michael and I took some great polaroids, I did a small self portrait series, and I took my first jump into the Mediteranean! Mike was a baby and did not jump. wa wa. hahaha.

We will be writing to you next from amsterdam, our school interviews await us and we have had a nice break to sit and think about our interview questions. Ciao!

2 Responses to “Italy.. soon haha”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi guys,

    I have been savoring every bit/bite of your blog. Thank you for sharing your incredible trip! I’m so glad you loved Italy. I too could go back again and again…

    Anyway, just want you to know I’m thinking about you two and wishing you great interviews. Buona fortuna! Don’t eat any magical cookies beforehand.


  2. planettrout Says:

    So you guys can always go back as guests of Nadia’s mother….

    Where is the food???


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