First day of Italy…from Mcdonalds

April 13, 2009

Hi there. It has been a long night/morning. We arrived in Milan to discover that our next passes that were at 10pm were through Germany in which we did not have a Eurail pass to. We did not catch this totally, and we thought that since we were just transfering it would be no big deal. Well apparently it is a big deal. So we lost around 50 EU and took an 11:30 train that went over night. We slept in bunkers! Ah it was an experience. FInally we arrived in Paris to board our next train to Amsterdam. Since we had to cancel our Germany tickets we were not prepared to take this Paris>Amsterdam train sooo, we lost that train that should have left eh 5 min ago. 

So the young man at the Ticket booth told us it would cost another another 220 EU to take the next train out at 10:25.  Always talk to someone else. I have just learned this. Michael has come running back into the Mcdonalds I am using free wifi at to tell me we are now leaving in 2 hours for 80 EU to amsterdam.

I could use a shower, and to wash my face, but alas, I will wait until 5pm to do all of this. So let us reflect on days where the sun was shining, the food did not consist of this squished banana I am eating, and when time was irrelevant.


Cinque Terre, let me count the ways I love you.

img_1604You let me buy the biggest slices of Pizza I have ever encountered, for 1 EU.  After a grueling 9 hours I came in contact with this, and a man who actually patted me on the back and thanked me when I moved m bag out of his way, AH italians you are a breath of fresh air!img_1612img_1616


These were our first views when we arrived into our little town of Manarola. It is very small, one main street that connects everything together. We had a beautiful little room that was atop of a restaurant called Astide. We could smell the fresh baked breads every morning when we opened our windows to the balcony. It was really perfect. We took a stroll down the road and got some of the most amazing pasta. I had pesto ravioli, keeping it simple and perfect. Michael had Batti Batti, Lobster spaghetti. We ate it all up! It was such a good meal, I cant express this enough. NOw I know what shane was talking about!img_1621


img_1627This was out waiter. We liked him very much. He was very thin and small, and had a black eye. He was funny, he always mocked me when I said, its so good! He would make a little womens’ voice and repeat me. No wonder he got that black eye. Oh yeah he is wearing a canadian pin. Some crazy broad behind us, was from Quebec I am guessing she spoke french, and put it on him. Imagine if I did that in france, I would get smacked. He was a good sport. img_1628Finishing up. We drank an entire bottle right then and there. We were needing the therapuetic effects after that train ride okay.. eh hem.

img_1637So pretty huh. Yeah I know. It’s a bit breath taking.

img_1642Then we came upon the almighty Foccaceria. This one is heavy duty. it is pesto and cheese, and pretty good! OKay Ill show you some more, we pretty much sampled all of them. It was just too good not too, plus its a cheap lunch.img_1645img_1649We tried this one, it was definitely different, but the guy insisted we give it a shot. Those are raisins and pine nuts, it was kinda of hearty in a wheatey way. somewhat thick and chewy. It was good, but not great. 

So we hit the sack. We were exhausted, and we were just so glad that we had 4 more days of this.img_1650Ciao.

2 Responses to “First day of Italy…from Mcdonalds”

  1. iheartfoccacia Says:

    YAY! Foccacia! I’d give a pinky toe for some warm, fresh foccacia right now. Yummm. Totes jels!
    Vive l’Italia!!

  2. shane Says:

    ITALY!!! THE PEOPLE AND FOOD ARE GREAT!!!! what more can you ask?! i want to go back!!!

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