Italy Manarola day 2

April 13, 2009

Ah waking up in Cinque Terre. Nothing beats it. We though it be best we start saving our pennies a bit more, so there was a tiny market below us next to the restaurant, that brought in fresh produce every morning and baked bread. We got crafty and I churned out some pretty delicious breakfasts every morning from there on out. 

I really enjoy getting food from the market first thing in the morning. It wakes you up, gets you greeting people, and is nice to do something that seems to give back to the immediate environment. Like the local grocer instead of the local ralphs.

img_1651img_1652img_1654So in Cinque Terre in order to get to each town you either have to hike, or take a small train. The hikes is around 3 hours for us to get to the 2nd town. They go in ascending order. Monterosso, vernazza, corniglia,manarola,riomaggiore. So we went up to vernazza. Monterosso is actually the biggest tourist area. We were into keeping it pretty mellow, and only wanted to go up for a 3 hour hike. What a hike it was! Holy crap. I am in pretty good shape and so is Michael, but man, this hike kinda of kicked our asses. But the views… made it worth every step.

img_1668those are wild white iris’s below… eh hem mum!img_16561img_1670Then we had arrived into Corniglia. It was a bit pulled back off the ocean. These are some grape vines in people’s yards. I felt so lame taking pictures of people’s yards. But out of all odds, since our land lords are actually from Italy, I cant tell you how many of the same things they have in there yard that people here in italy do. Yes yes, the climates are basically the same, but even the way they did their own garden resembled these. We have gape vines, lemon tress, orange and tangerine trees, rosemary bushes. It was all the same here. Very cute to see that. ANyways again, this is cornigula, pulled back off the ocean with a rich area of vineyards and lush green crop.

img_1693img_1711img_1700We kept walking, it just kept getting better. It was so beautiful. Really the only noises were birds chirping and water running. So peaceful and relaxing to be hiking.img_1721

img_1713img_1718img_1728Where we had just hiked from, this was a pretty decent uphill climb.

img_1729img_1731Look mom, I got you a flower via the internet! It’s for you, I thought of you when I saw all of the wild iris’s growing. ❤

And finally to vernazza!

img_1749My hands obviously. I usually get a bit antsy when food is right there. I have learned to try and wait for these blog photos first. This is eggplant zuchinni and tomato pizza my friends. it was pretty good. Pizza here is way different that NY style pizza. its gourmet or something… healthier tasting and more perfected in every bite.I can’t really put my finger on it.

img_1759And then we went down to the wave breaker things, sorry, I have had 3 beers and I cant remember the correct terminology at the moment. Mike looks content eh. He almost fell asleep on me.

img_1766looking up into Vernazza.

img_1782I have a crush on all italian men. Old and young. What is it with them. They always seem very content and busy, but while being busy still looking very relaxed. I must know this secret.

So after this we were so lazy we took the train back. It was a long hike! Dont give me that! I was tired from all that pizza and laying in the sun. 

We went home and cleaned up then took a stroll to the flat over look into Manarola. Basically 15 feet from out room. The sun was setting and I felt like an old couple. That goes down to watch the sun set every night. Mike brought his sketch book and I just started taking photos. Did I mention to you that calla lilies grow everywhere out here. They are so beautiful, there shape. They remind me of churned butter.  

img_17891img_1790img_17981img_1796img_1803Now down to the water.

img_1821img_1823img_1853img_1837Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the camera prefers me as a red head, so not to confuse anyone. It is the cameras preference I have little to no say in this.

img_1848Farewell my loves! Onto the next day.

3 Responses to “Italy Manarola day 2”

  1. hannah Says:

    it’s sooooooo breathtaking! as it that lovely redheaded creature in the floral dress!

  2. shane Says:

    i also have a crush on every italian man.

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