Secret garden

April 13, 2009

Michael Has had a growing appetite. When you live with a errr growing boy, you have to compensate. More bread I say it is cheap and it fills him up so that I don’t have to hear about it an hour later. Breakfast of champs anyone..

img_1854img_1858Lets just get right into lunch eh? 

img_1859img_1860The top food item with Pesto was mine. It is actually made from Chickpea flour. It was mega carb filling. So oily though and really intense tasting. It was a little over kill. The pesto was just so much on it, and there was no flour and thick crust to make up for it. I could barely finish it. Mike has salami and potato rosemary.. mmm mm.

Then we finished up some laundry in the next town over and look what we saw in the mediteranean. No it is not  seal. No not a beluga. Its an old bald man! haha look at him go. 

img_1862We then went on a long up hill hike to the wine co op. Where they make all of the wine in the cinque terre area. 

This was the prettiest hike I have been on ever. I have been on many a hikes. But this was so beautiful. The smells of smoke from farms, like burning cedar filling the air, birds singing, moss and cobble stones under my feet. It was magical. Like secret garden.

Take a look.



img_1885img_1910img_1903img_1907We arrived at the co op. And they had no idea what to make of it! It was pretty funny. They said eh you wanna take a look, go ahead its open. So we basically just went in and did everything on our own. Kind of fun.

img_1891img_1892img_1897img_1899Packaged and ready to be put down the street.


img_1901the gifty shoppe. yeah yeah the parents get some stuff. 

img_1918img_1920img_1923img_1929img_1930diiiinnnnneeerrr. was good. Can you tell I am getting tired right now.. Man these posts, they take a while! Who knew bloggers actually did a lot of work! I have to hand it to them. Either that or I need a faster internet connection. Now for one last photo that michael hates! But! it makes me laugh so hard, and I know that he will get me back for it, since I have a pretty goofy photo of myself coming up in a later post. 

img_1973HAH okay hahaha, michael is like please dont please dont please. But I have to Mike!  it is so good. OKay mike is laughing now, its a go. 

oh yeah, one more italy post, and then on to amsterdam. Which we are in! We had a 27 hour train trip. It was so long, so tiring and I was smelly and dirty and mike and I cried to each other at times. But we are so happy right now. The bed is the best bed ever and sorry to inform you all, well, our parents.

We offically love Amsterdam and we have not even been here that long. It is like Brooklyn mixed with echo park, mixed with a child like dollhouse and moss covered cobbled stone streets, It smells like barbeque while walking down the street, people sit on there steps and drink wine while the sun goes down. Im afraid I have to report if we get accepted to the Rietveld… we want to be here badly. Its everything we could have asked for. There is a cat museum and a sex museum! CRAZY huh. Plus we had chap beers and an amazing meal tonight. Tomorrow we go and see the Rietveld for fun and look around. I will catch up on all the posts tomorrow so it is day relevant.


Love to you all. Hope you are all healthy, smiling, and being good to each other.

love aimee and mike

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  1. planettrout Says:

    I am hungry now!!!



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