April 14, 2009

Finally I get to show you around Amsterdam. Mike and I woke up very well this morning. We actually have mattresses! Our room is the cutest. High ceilings and fresh flowers, and we get our own kitchen. Which is what we have been wanting since our train fiasco made us spend a lot of money, we now get to eat from the workings of ourselves. 


We are staying in the cutest most pleasant area called Jordaan. Like I said, think of brooklyn mixed with silverlake, add some cobble stone streets, and a ton of bicycles, and canals, and then on top of that add very nice nice nice people! I love it here. If we move I am looking into this area for sure. Ever store is unique, everything smells great.

There are so many art galleries everywhere, and independent little shops. The best way to describe it, is everything is specialized here. There is rarely a store with a ton of just random things. There will be a stationary store, a cheese store, a tea shop, flower store, alpaca hat store, I dont know think of anything and they probably have it here. Ill start with this morning. Again we have an adorable little natural market right next to us, so we went to get food for cooking! 

They dont have any bags here, so you have to bring your own or you are a going to be prepared to shove everything in your purse. 

Also we got 3 days plus a couple worth of groceries for 27 bucks! So good.

So sorry tangent…. here was dinner from last night. I had an amazing goat cheese mango chilli chutney salad for 11 bucks, and michael had steak fries and a salad. Um… so most of you I am hoping know how good belgian/dutch fries are right… they are the ultimate french fry so big doubled fried and nice and fully of potato in the middle. sooo good. ( Shane this photo is for you)

img_2188img_2189img_2193img_2197Breakfast time, first morning waking up! A peak at our room!

img_2199img_22011Biscuits with every breakfast, so cute and good. I love biscuits. I wish all my friends ate like this, I would make them food every morning. I would have very plump friends Im sure.

Now for our walk through town. I tried to walk as much as I could today. I wanted to see the town by foot, take it all in. 

img_2202img_2203img_2205img_22041img_2207img_2213img_2217img_2209really neat canes, the tops were very Mr. Metz.

img_2208meeeow meow

img_2210neat sign. I liked the bird drawing.

img_2206Gallery big photos on the wall.

img_2214This place was rad, it was algerian food, and it was so sweet inside. Outside they set up little cushions to sit on the rooftop like that, you see? The waitress was so cute. I told mike I had a crush on her and he admitted so did he. hehe, we like these dutch people!

img_2216gallery… someone left there shoes and the tv on the ground. 

img_2218Oh yeah! Let me tell you this, Another thing I love. So So SO SO SOSOOSOS many plants everywhere. everyone loves plants here or something. Little pots, big pots, flowers and greenery everywhere. It adds to the charm times 100!

img_2219and house boats, aw this place is so adorable.

img_2223img_22281Friends and Family, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, GRA, friends and family. 

This school was rad inside and out, we were into it! The kids there were all different looking funky weird hair, and clothes, very nice faces and smiles, also there were all these sheets to go to gallery exhibits out of town and all you had to do was sign your name and you got to go with on the bus to the exhibit! This school was very minimalist inside, But had a lot of personality. All of the students were very goal oriented it seemed. Working hard on things, keeping to themselves. The departments were so small! So good! All kinds of drawings, sculpture, and photographs everywhere. Michael really loved it here especially.

The people seemed kind here, not cold and pretentious. I was especially favorable of this. I have to say, everythng seems to be very good on both fronts, school wise, and city wise. My interview is on Thursday, but I feel very confident. I am really happy with my new work and I think it has greatly improved from the first portfolio I sent in 5 months ago. Mike is just finishing his 2nd portfolio up right now. he is doing some sketches behind me as I type!


img_2224img_2231These are the swiss cheese tomato mustard and ham and arugula sandwiches I told you about. yum yum in our tum tums.

img_2237Took another on foot adventure Around the city. Lovers in the park with a bottle of wine. Wine every where and beer! They are not crazy about this like in America.

img_2238img_2239img_2241This was a really beautiful park area, i was huge. Young people meetings up for beers together in the park, and little tapas. So cute. Families playing with kids. A nice atmosphere.

img_2244little coffee store, so neat eh.

img_2245fancy chocolatier. Nice shoes.

img_2248Oh Im sorry! I totally forgot to tell you I found heaven! Whoo, my bad. That must have slipped my little mind. So I found it, here it is. Thats right, I know you were all thinking the same thing. Well thank god right. 

img_2249little thai food place. Look how cute the outside is, it really adds to the feel of Amsterdam. All of the little things. 

So thats it! We actually had indonesian food for dinner, it was yummy and quick, we did not take any photos though. Tomorrow we are going to a couple of museums. FOAM, which is a photography gallery, and ARCAM, which is an Architecture Center. 

See you tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Amsterdam!”

  1. Planettrout Says:

    Good 4 U guys…

    I will speak to the BIG GUY about the realization of your dreams…


    Planettrout (Pop)

  2. Rebecca Says:

    L.A. is going to seem so ugly and barbaric to you now, eh? You have found a very tangible heaven. And you are going to blow them away at those interviews, btw.


  3. shane Says:

    OMG, those fries look AMAZING. *drool*

    you had indonesian food eh? id be really interested in trying it out in Amsterdam… when you get back i’ll take you to some around LA.

    did you go crazy in the cheese shop?

    • bonjourcheese Says:

      If I went as crazy as I should I would not fit back on the place, no joke. I have tried so many out here though. I like the soft creamy ones, michael says its like eating a stick of butter, and I say, yes it is, and it is so good.

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