Last day Italy

April 14, 2009

MMmmm right now I am stuffing my face with a home made sandwich! I have a new love/addiction. Swiss ham and tomato sandwich with beer! Ah so good. Mike and I just picked up my portfolio from the Rietveld. It is around a 20 min bus ride through town. But more on that later! Here is me naked! I am teasing haha. I am just excited to tell you about my dip in the mediteranean. 

img_20031img_2006img_2013img_2021Now Mike did not go in, so no birthday suit photos for you. But lets see. We walked over to some deserted inlet and put our feet in. it was pretty chilly. Really chilly. But so good too! Our poor feet stuck in our walking shoes all day. We wanted to give them some therapy. So I took a quick glance around and hopped right in. For exactly 25 seconds! I hopped in and you know when your body goes through this initial Im freezing holy crap phase. That happened. We actually video taped it and Iwhen I watched it afterwards I realized I said nothing the entire time I was very serious! Its because I had that initial crap, my muscles are going to freeze and I will drown. Ha, Im sure Mike’s and my dad are like, you dodo’s you are in the mediterannean you are not going to freeze, but I say shut it I was scared! Anyways I got up and dried off. Then I realized something! I am bleeding everywhere!

img_2023Just teasing. Those little barnacles must have gotten to my ankle. Thought I would share, I know it is not important but I wanted to sound a bit dramatic.

img_2024the happy beach goers. Although Mike looks a bit serious. Maybe he was concentrating on the camera shutter.

img_2026img_2029Then we walked up for some lunch. Look who I met, she was beautiful, but kind of having a bit of a bad day.

We will name her Bertha.

img_2030Oi! bertha have you been laying in the sun too long! You look like you could use some sun tan lotion… next time I suppose.( we took no part in bertha for your information)

img_2032img_2036The colors I mean, when I upload them to the internet it sucks a bit of the color our, but imagine just such radiant color. I was amazed. These are good veggies, no GMO!

Then foodie.

img_20381img_2041pretty staircase eh? We ate here right out in front of the cafe.

on a small side note. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley band came out with a new record. I have been listening to it non stop since last night since a friend of mine sent it to me before it came out. They did a documentary and it is free to watch and have at

I don’t know who is really into him, but I am, and I have to say I quite like a few songs on this record. 

Okay now we decided to take our night mellow, We walked over to the breaker and laid on the rocks.  the light was beautiful, and the rocks, let me sayimg_2087, were huge HUGE slabs of white granite. I felt kind of odd laying on such beautiful rocks. They made for pretty photos. Please excuse the large amounts of them.

img_2052img_2058img_2073img_2079Here are some photos we took with our Land camera. I am quite partial to the first. It is not nearly as pretty on the internet, in person it is a bit brighter more saturated.




Alrighty. So we did not want to take many pictures our last day in italy which was the day after this. Sometimes bringing a camera out at every moment can be a bit of a chore at times. And who likes chores! But all of the other times we are so happy to show you and to keep memories for ourselves.

I am so happy to update with you about amsterdam. But you know, out of all the towns I have been to here. The photos do not do Amsterdam justice. There is something about this place, that is so much more homelier and charming when you are here. Everything is small here. Not so huge. It is digest-able if you will. I keep waiting for it to stop being so charming, so lovely, so unique everytime I turn a corner. It isn’t. I really feel at home here. I was waiting for that feeling. This whole time. I knew if I came here and it felt off, if something was not right I would know. I am intuitive that way. I do not feel that here. I wish I could bring all of my loved ones here if I come to live. I cant wait to show you pictures. I take so many here. Thats how I know I love it so much. Design is so key over here. Fonts, space alignment, color, detail is so good here. everything from my tea box, to a match box, to a cafe, to the nearby market. Is so well done. The dutch, I said it once, and Ill say it again. They are just on top of it.

Love Aimee and Mike.

2 Responses to “Last day Italy”

  1. Dad Says:

    How’d the interview go?

    • bonjourcheese Says:

      Michael was accepted upon arrival, he is lucky. The head of the department showed him around and then introduced him to current students. He also seems to have been talking about Michael to his students since the students said to Michael,” Oh you’re the skateboarder!” very cool for him. My interview was nothing like this unfortunately.
      I suppose I just hope I get in, or ill cry or something of that matter.

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