Photography and Architecture

April 15, 2009

Halo! We are happy and well. Today we did museum FOAM, a photography exhibit that had Richard Avedon at it, and ARCAM which had a sustainable Amsterdam exhibit. We are about to go and get dinner but I thouhg ti would upload some stuff first!

Morning before we left:

img_2255img_2257This is our best buddy here. He is around 11.6% alcohol content. Pretty cheap, only 2 bucks.


Lunchin it.


img_2260Look at thi store. Holy mother. I mean seriously. This just screams to me the owner has a serious addiction issue eh… I mean what do you think goes through someones mind at the point when they have oh say 200 Nikons…?


if you can read some of the stuff… it was really interesting on how they are trying and in the process of making Amsterdam sustainable through it’s new buildings by 2020 or so. It was really great the ideas they had, California is doing very much of the same thing. It is really great and important for us to be looking toward the type of communities that are being formed to be eco friendly. Take a read, Im sorry the photos are small but I will blow some up so you can read some more fun facts.


img_2326img_2311img_2333img_2310img_2342Then a walk over to a park to eat our sandwiches…all the parks are so pretty. people just layin’ about. So nice and quiet.

img_2349img_2347img_2353img_2354img_2357then to FOAM:

FOAM, if you are ever in a bookstore and they are good enought to carry it , by far my favorite photography magazine. Strictly photogrpahy, has great and thought provoking interviews with art collectors, photographers, and students. I really enjoy each issue. It has some of the best and most artistic photographers always up to date in there issues. It is quarterly, and they have a gallery in Amsterdam since it is out of Amsterdam( the print version)

Richard Avedon was showing here, although I am not a huge fan, more of a Helmut Newton fan, this was pretty nice and I enjoyed it anyways. Here are some of our favs.

img_2378Babe time.

img_2380img_2381img_2382Mr. Burroughs 

img_2383An older and younger Avedon.


We ran into a typography gallery, went in for a second.


Sorry this was at a store called Droog, it was kind of weird. We had a good time with it.

img_23681img_2372img_2375OKay then we went home for a bit, my feet hurt, walking around, lots of walking. Then to din din. Remember I told you about that girl that was super cute that we met who was serving food, I took a picture of it in the last post. We went there. No No… not for the girl but because the food looked AMAy-zing and we wanted to get 5 dollar wraps for din din.

Here were some things we spotted on our walk that were neat.

img_23861img_2388img_2387img_2410Then had some food. There is pumpkin, chicken, green beans, prunes, apricots, and pumpkin seeds inside the wrap. Other photos are from what they had available also.




Thats it for the night! Tomorrow is my interview. I have to be there at 9:30AM. Im going to go shower and iron my clothes. Wish me luck!

5 Responses to “Photography and Architecture”

  1. iheartfoccacia Says:

    Good luck Aimee!!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you 🙂

  2. petite soeur Says:

    Aimee! I am so happy I can finally see what you have been up to! It took my quite a while to get through your last few days, but I loved all the usual. Especially the ones of you making funny faces, that makes me miss you so much; you’ll have to thank Mike for letting me see the ‘you’ i love so much!
    Italy looked so beautiful; I would love so much to go visit there sometime with you! I am glad you and Mike are taking more photos of each other so I can see your beautiful face and not just the amazing food!
    I can’t believe how much the Italy you saw looks like all those cute little love movies and post cards. It must have been so surreal to be living there for those few days.!
    Amsterdam looks sooo soo amazing. I had no idea it was so beautiful. I am so happy you are liking everything you see there. Are you able to envision you and Mike living there? Because…I can totally see me visiting you there!!! hehe.
    Good luck on your interview Aimee! I know you will do so well, you have such an individual personality and a unique way of seeing the world, there is no way they won’t see that…you would be such a great addition to any university! I agree that your newer work is absolutely amazing as well…and for the admissions board to see you growing in your art is definitely something you have going for you.
    Well, I think this message has already gotten a bit lengthy! I am so happy to be catching up on your life in Europe! I love you, and can’t wait to hear how the interview went. When does Micheal interview? I bet he will do an amazing job as well, he is so professional and it’s obvious how hard he works and how passionate he is about architecture.
    I love you Aimee, good luck! If I could say it in Dutch, I would..but alas, you will have to tell me how :]
    Talk to you soon…

    oh…p.s…i have an apartment! want to see?

    • petite soeur Says:

      wait, crap, that one expired…well, its very cute! building was built in 1920…all hardwood floors..high ceilings..two bedrooms…yea, doesn’t sound very amazing when I describe it…guess you will just have to see for yourself!

      • bonjourcheese Says:

        You silly goon your apartment sounds great! That is exactly the type of apartment I would want! Oh my goodness you have an apartment! I am so happy for you! AHHH I want to see pictures. I cant wait until you and I can hang out there in SF instead of that horrible dorm room! I love you so much off to my interview!

  3. planettrout Says:

    Grrrrreeeeeeaaatttttt Photos…


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