Vondel Park

April 16, 2009

Halo again. So after my story of the interview I took an hour to decompress. Mike and I went grocery shopping, and hung out at home for a bit.

I have missed cooking at home, it’s odd to have meals made for you for 3 weeks. So we bought some dinner supplies. I made a menu for the next two nights and we bought dinner items.

When we go up to the check out, I can’t help but feel oddly American. Everyone else is buying 2-6 items as where we have around 15 items. Americans with our huge big refridgerators and our bulk buying store like costco and smart and final we alway sbuy for the future of things. In Europe everyone is buying for there needs for that day or the next day. A friend of mine named Rebecca uses public transportation daily, and she tells me that she has to live with this European mind set of buying ” what you need, when you need it” since she does not have a huge mini van or Escalade to put all of her mountains of food into. So she not only buys what she needs for the time being, she has to be conscious of how much she can buy and when, so she can be prepared to bring it home with her using the metro. Thats why there are more markets, with fresh produce from that day, in Europe. Thought I would point that out. I quite like the plan Michael and I are on. groceries every 2 days. we plan for two days at a time. Believe it or not, it keeps things more interesting, we plan out our meals more, and we get creative with it.


We made lunch and took the bus downtown to Vondel Park. Vondel park is amazing. It is what Central park is to new york. It huge and beautiful, houses, rich housing, surounds the amazing landscape. People running, walking there dogs, so many lovers laying in the park, and families having picnics. It’s a great atmosphere to be in.

img_2445img_24491img_2451img_2462Pictures while Im eating Michael stop! Guess what Im eating, a hammy sammy.

img_2473img_2507FACE TIME! showmewhatchagot

img_2494img_2484Its very pretty isn’t it. I had a friend tell me today he use to live in a room by this park. He said he awoke every morning to birds chirping outside. Its very lovely.

After this we went home, michael went skateboarding at some local skate parks. I stayed inside and took a nap.

When I awoke I had a hungry man begging for dinner. So off I went! Tonights dinner was good! In Aimee’s kitchen!

img_2515Im like a cat! I move quick when dishing!

Wa la- I made a plate of smoked salmon on a bed of Arugula with lemon and capers. A top are two over easy eggs, with a dash of pepper and extra capers. We are caper people, i love salty additions. Mike had toasted french bread as well, and we toasted with two glasses of white wine from Africa.img_2528It’s a bit blurry pardon… The light was getting low.

It started to drizzle tonight. I am interested to see what tomorrow brings. For tonight, we are watching BBC and Animal Planet.

love us.


2 Responses to “Vondel Park”

  1. hannah Says:

    mmm looks so delicious! and beautiful there!

  2. planettrout Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Any TROUT in that water???



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