You’re an Animal

April 17, 2009

It has become obvious, I officially miss cooking. I woke up and knew it… I was asking Michael if he wanted fried eggs inside of french bread. I never do that. I usually say, ” make it yourself”.



I have not been to the Zoo since I was Id say maybe 13 or 14. So almost 10 years! Going to the Amsterdam zoo is different than American Zoo, as far as I can remember.  There are no special security gates, special access zones, and you can pretty much get really close to all of the animals, except the ones that would like eat you. Like panthers. But it’s very less strict, and I had a good time. The lay out of the zoo was beautiful, very laid back with little parks to eat sandwiches. You know what, in Europe there are a lot less rules. A lot less DO NOT DO THIS signs. You can pretty much do whatever you like. I think they trust people more, maybe they just realize we are not that stupid after all. Or maybe America thinks it’s citizens have little to no common sense. Here we are treated like yes, obviously I know the tiger would bite my hand off, I best not be sticking it in there.

On with the animals!

img_2544Ex Cure member, made it into the Alpaca section.

img_2553img_2575img_2680He was chewing a nut, I watched him dig it up!

Oh by the way you are able to get very close to the animals here. Very close like this close!


Look at the monkey/Leemur friends I made! he loved me! Let me scratch him forever until my hand hurt. He was like a little kitty.


I told you I was eating a lot o cheese. I know I know, how they hell am I going to fit on the plane back home, I am just going to have to go cargo is all.

( I had never been this close to a hippo, seriously massive. We watched the guy who worked there rub its little eyes and ears, the hppo was in love with this man he closed his eyes just like a kitty does when it is happy, so cute)


This is me saying, ” Michael no… not me.. the peacock, take a bloody picture of the peacock.”

img_2642They just walk around… like pigeons or something.

img_2602We were able to get super close to these guys too! Close enough to see them…. eat there own feces. Did you know they do this? News to me. I watched her put her hand down by her bum, she kept it there for a while and pulled out, well, yes. I was quite fascinated with this actually. So I sort of just stood there and watched, a bit amazed. She seemed quite content. 

Alrighty then.. movin on.

img_2600butterfly area. Reminded me of Montreal.


img_2651img_2667img_2685See baby! 

img_2682now you see him, what a cutie pie.

img_2703Blonde haired babe.

img_2709This my friends, is the cat that stays a kitten it’s entire life. It is by far the cutest thing. I have a video of this, but only people who can hang out with me when I get back get to see this. Since I cannot post videos of this. On top of the cute kitty cat, all those who get to see me when I get home also get to see me dancing to jazz music provided by Will and Jaime, also monkeys swinging on swings. 

img_2722img_2747Dead stuff in Jars and me making a ooh ahh face to scare you with the tenticles behind me.

img_2749Meow kitty meow.img_2752img_2753Multi Headed lizard. I asked how much this would cost and that I would clean elephant poo for 2 whole months if I could take this home. No dice.

img_2760img_2761img_2764Lots of dead owls and birds. I told them I could clean every animals poo pen for an entire year if I could have this. Again, it was a no go.

After the Zoo I went and bought a bottle of wine and made a meal at home for diner.

img_2773img_2770img_2774Salmon and greens with roasted garlic, michael had linguine with meatballs greens and garlic bread. Mmm mm.

Michael is drawing some plans for a vacation cabin for his portfolio. I am kind of sleepy and I will probably go out and get ice cream later. 

That is the end. 

Love aimee and mike

5 Responses to “You’re an Animal”

  1. hannah Says:

    i want to touch the monkey!!

  2. Planettrout Says:

    I want the Cat that stays a kitty….forever…


  3. shane Says:

    when are you getting back!? also, do they put capers in all the food? and… did i tell you that it was a superstition never to look a peacock in the eye, unless you want them to peck your eye out? its an indonesian lore…

    lovely pics!

    • bonjourcheese Says:

      I PUT CAPERS IN EVERYTHING! yum yum yum. NO! you are suppose to warm me about these things shane! Arnt you my mentor! Now I am coming back with an eye patch.

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