No! I don’t want to come home!

April 20, 2009

Well it’s true. Michael and I have offically had our, “we love this place, it has to be our home” talk. This place is so charming we can’t even believe it. We love the people. The streets, the parks, the food, the school, the designs, the fonts everywhere, the colors, the canals. Ah so much we love. I was out later last night and as I walked through the streets lined with chritmas lights on the canals, I though to myself, how much my family would love to visit me here. How proud I would be to walk them around here. How much they would love it. We are crossing our fingers so tightly that we can make this happen. Speaking of happening, Michael’s interview is tomorrow! Wish him Luck!



img_2925You know those flowers you make when you are in 2nd grade in the field with your girlfriends on lunchbreak. Okay sorry ( if you are a girl) Well I still remember how to make them! And I made a big one! I was proud. I realize those small gatherings with girlfriends in the park in a circle are like big girl bar dates. When you all sit around a table hang out drink wine, and talk about boys!

Well I found my boy and he liked it when I dress him up!

img_2929Okay maybe not!

img_2922Work it, work it!

img_2917Whatever dude, it looks better on me.

img_2897Aw, he hates me…

img_2905No just teasing. How could he hate me! I make him such yummy breakfasts, not every women does this!

img_2933working hard on portfolio!

img_2878img_2885img_2934I could not resist. It was funny.

Now on for more childlike memories!

Okay so this flower braiding reminded me of what I did in fields long ago. And then I SAW ANOTHER PLANT! a plant I had remembered playing with when I was younge. Ah like old times. I will show you the way to do it!

img_2935img_2936This is the plant, does it look familiar to anyone. Okay I am aware this is a completely irrelevant post to anything going on with traveling, but it meant a lot to me so please, bear with me.

You then get this when you pick the plant from the ground

img_2939img_2940So then I use to pull the pieces off like this, It looked pretty cool when I did it. I think that if I found someone that did this too, maybe her and I or him and I would have so many more things in common! Wishful thinking Im sure.

img_2942Wa La! Complete!

Okay So today we did nothing but laundry, booking tickets to stupid france, and then grocery shopping, and park time. Now I am home about to take a bath.


By the way! I hated the place I stayed in while in France, so I found another place for the last two days we are there. It is a Gay B&B! Ha, what do you think of that. It is called Tim and Marks Gay B&B hahahaha. Oh god I love myself. I love that name, How could someone not say, Yes, tim and mark I want to be at your gay B&B.

I will show you pictures when I arrive. One more day left in Amsterdam, So SO sad. I will miss it so much. I hope I get to come back!

img_2951img_2954Goodnight! Love you all, thank you for the comments, it keeps me blogging!  I can’t wait to see everyone when I get home. Except for the Metz. I am planning an attack where I kidnap them cover there heads and whisk them away to my home. 

Love Aimee and Mike!

10 Responses to “No! I don’t want to come home!”

  1. hannah Says:

    yes! kidnap me! i want to take you to my hometown, you would like it very much judging by your description of amsterdam! i miss youuuu! good luck mike! yesterday we went to the best zoo and it made me think of your zoo experience! i got to pet bambis and baby goats and the leopard cage went right above our heads so you could stand underneath him and, if you dare, touch him! he roared at us and it was alarming. there was also an area that was an open field full of kangaroos and no fense between us and them! i wanted them to come over to me and hang out but they were all sleeping in the shade and i didn’t want to irritate them. anyways, i want to tell it all in person! so you MUST COME THIS AUGUST TO GO RIVER TRIPPING. YOU MUST. AIMEE I BESEECH YOU.

  2. Planettrout Says:

    Congrats Moo…

    The text woke me up!!!


  3. planettrout Says:

    So, I give you this thought…

    “There are no passengers on spaceship Earth – We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan


  4. planettrout Says:


    Ck. out this link when U have time…Some new FF friends in Europe perhaps???;f=12;t=10434


  5. planettrout Says:

    FYI Mooseboy,

    Posted: Apr. 21 2009,15:06 Next Unread Message Print Forward Reply Add Member Delete Message
    Hi mate,

    A good fly shop not too far from Amsterdam is Pikefly, run by Gerald Schuit. If Michael gives him a call he’ll give him directions. He can give Michael all the ins and outs of fly fishing east of Amsterdam. He also has the latest on fishing the Oostvoornse Meer, the brackish trout lake Paul mentioned.
    Another shop worth mentioning is: Peeters Hengelsport in the Rijnstraat 194 in Amsterdam.

    And write down my phone number (+31(0)595481350 or cell +31(0)653578931). If he contacts me when he leaves for The Netherlands I can surely arrange some fishing for him. We have caught big pike on fly within Amsterdam’s city limits.


  6. Rebecca Says:

    I hope you guys consider turning this blog into a book. It is so beautiful.


    ps: Thanks for the grocery/metro props. 🙂

  7. shane Says:

    omg, that previous pic of Mike’s thumb made me almost do a spit take.

    i am playing an “Aimee Mix”, which includes Single Ladies and Total Eclipse of the Heart.

    When are you getting back? I hope it’s before I leave on my trip, I want to hear about everything!

    • bonjourcheese Says:

      Haha, I love the mix! I would love to tell you things! I get back on Friday and will be home to hang out on Sunday! When do you leave, I need to make sure you are prepared because I am the camping queen. I will give you anything you think you will need, like a tent! I have one if you need one! Cant wait to see you and catch up!

      • bonjourcheese Says:

        Oh yeah I saw him in Amsterdam, he comes with every bike you buy, its kind of a sweet deal. haha. You are too funny.

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