No, thats really what it is, a butt plug.

April 20, 2009

Halo! Sorry late on updating. It is getting to the end of our trip, so we are getting lazy. Or maybe it is Amsterdam that makes me lazy. I am starting to catch on to the way of life here, the laid back, take life as it comes type of lifestyle.

Yesterday we went to Rotterdam! It is an hour away, and it is a big city, kind of like if Amsterdam was brooklyn and Rotterdam was New York City, but a bit smaller, about the same size as Amsterdam.

Rotterdam was bombed in World War 2 so they lost a lot of buildings. Most of the dutch’s modern masterpieces in Architecture are popping up there since there is so much need for new buildings. It was quite fascinating to see all the gigantic massive buildings that are going up.

We went there mostly because Michael wanted to skateboard. He met a friend name Ricardo Paterno while he was in Paris a couple years back, and RIcardo lives in Rotterdam. So I tagged along sadly, and kind of just hung out while Michael got in his one entire full day of skating in.

img_2857Train ride!

img_2855Ah HA! See hannah and landon! You must have been mistaken! You have the wrong Brooklyn, I know you must have meant this one! This one is better! Come to US! We will feed you cheese and ice cream all day long.

img_2868That is exactly what it looks like. A gnome with a butt plug. I swear it. I asked Ricardo, I said that looks like a butt plug he said, it is. The dutch did it on purpose, he said ” what do you guys call the little people” I said gnomes? He said yes, a gnome with a butt plug. There you have it.

Skate- a – boardin’ time

img_2864img_2865img_2871Look at these kids. A hahahaha. I felt so bad for them. They were on a horrible day trip with over stimulated parents, and they all wore this funny hat. It was bright orange and said Holland. I said, I need to take a picture of these poor kids. Look how cute they are though!

And then this. Michael fell on this thumb. bummer.

img_2872I wanted to make this large so you could see it up close. That is disgusting isnt it. gross.

Okidokie I am skipping around a bunch, actually the day before this we went shopping!

Oh joy! Michael likes shopping more than me. So we really go for him. He loves it. He could spend hours trying on clothes and looking at books. We went to this really weird but fun store right by our house called Mooi.

img_2817Life size entertainment

img_2818img_2806img_2809img_2814img_2822img_2816He had had enough I think. You know when parents just stay and stay at stores and you are like, enough already. This kid was thinking that I’m sure.


I saw this in a book and I wished it was my backyard! oh the joy I would love to have wild giraffes in my backyard. I would play with them all day.

img_2824Went for a stroll through the neighborhood. I love this neighborhood. The best in Amsterdam. Jordaan.

img_2825The best thing to come back as in another life.

img_2826It does not surprise me the amount of flower shops. Amsterdam keeps all of the planters filled within its neighborhoods. So many flowers along the canals,waterways,homes,sidewalks. They are everywhere. It really makes for a beautiful spring time.

img_2829img_2830What we see normally. Almost every person on a beautiful day is out enjoying the sunshine with a friend over wine, a chess game, or a good book.


Bookstore front, it was closed but I liked the image.


Draw bridge on our way to the park.

img_2834We picked up the olives and THE BEST perppercini’s with goat cheese inside oh my god it was perfect. Spicy, and crnchy but since dairy kills the spicyness in things, it made it the perfect smooth combination. I have since been craving these for the past two days.

img_2836img_2838Adequate beer holder in park. You are allowed to have beer in open places like this. It is much nicer than hiding it at all times. Who does not like a good beer, or chardonnay in the park on a sunny afternoon?

Now for the most perfect park photograph. 

img_2841Ah sweet park days, I will miss you so much.

img_2843img_2847img_2848Sweet dessert cheese atop apples. Yum.img_2799Im being messy. Sorry. This was a market right around the corner from our house, a little organic market outside, they had a long stretch of them on Sundays and Mondays. Cheese was abundant.

img_2797This is a huge buffet of pickles and olive treats. This is actually an exit you take before getting to heaven. Just before hand. Just before cheese land.

img_2802Store fronts worth mentioning.

img_2805Bike shop.img_2793Hometime!img_2794img_27831Our home place gives us bigh puffy bathrobes, and the wine I drink gives me very rosy cheeks!


Nighty night!

2 Responses to “No, thats really what it is, a butt plug.”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    It’s Santa with Buttplug! A Paul McCarthy (newer) classic. In 2007 he made 10-inch chocolate versions that you could buy for $100. Mmm, choco buttplug…

    • bonjourcheese Says:

      haha. Rebecca you need to come by and see the place when I get home which is so soon. Ill email you.
      Michael got into the the Rietveld! He was told automatically when he arrived so exciting for him! Ill talk to you soon if you are still interested in seeing the echo park home.
      take care!

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