A Gayer better Paris

April 23, 2009

We checked in to Mark and Tim’s Gay B&B today. It is perfect, they are incredibly sweet and hospitalable. The walls and bathroom are bright pink, and our bedspread is purple, how fabulous! We also have the best bed we have slept on through out our entire stay. It actually resembles the feel of ours at home! Tre bon. We think we have better Karma or something because of all the buddha and Zen paraphenalia here. Paris has been nice. Well Nicer to us.img_2985Remember that amazing deli  we told you about in the St. Germain Des Prix, well we had to have it the last two days we were here. We got into Paris at around 6pm and then took a metro over. There we had procuitto italiano baguettes and prosciutto wraped goat cheese. img_2988I don’t want to sound crazy, but people, these are hands down some of the best food I have had in my life. Those tomatoes. Were burstings with the most flavor. It was a bit of magical on the Seine that night.

img_2994img_3011img_3013I wondered what people meant when they said paris is romantic. This is what they must have meant. It was 10 times more beuaitful in person. I wish you could really see the gold from the eiffel tower and the blue green in the water. Just superb.

img_3018img_3027We walked around very late. Then we came upon a small restaurant that was tiny and all dark wood. We sat down and noticed all of the older parisians around us, very well dressed parisiens. You know something. I am so impressed with the women here who dressed their age. I enjoy seeing a women in her 40’s or 50’s who is not wearing something from the store her teenage daughter shops at. Its so classy and appropriate. At the restaurant we drank half a bottle of red wine, and let me tell you, I think I had just about had it, I was almost asleep! I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was all the beer that I only consumed in Holland and the wine was a one way ticket to dreamsville. But I practically could not finish my last glass and had to whine to Michael about needing to leave before I yawned all over paris. 

img_3028img_3030img_3064img_3037img_3050Look at the beautiful jewelry we bought our moms! Just joking. This is the Museum of Decorative Art. It was such a cool museum! I loved it. It is part of the Louvre. We spent the morning here for around 3 hours. We also got to take part in the Antoine+Manuel exhibit. Pretty neat.img_30421img_3070img_3072img_3074img_3080img_3083img_3085img_3087Doesnt this look alive. I started singing beauty and the beast after I saw this.Or Alice in Wonderland. I just could not stop thinking of the clock guy with the mustache.

img_3088img_3089img_3090img_3091img_3092We had such magnificent views. And the weather! It was amazing! Ah such nice days before we leave.img_3114img_3115img_3109img_3100img_3104img_3108boobie chair, and michael in the weird hanging chair. I dislike these chairs.  The bubble chair was quite loud.

img_3120Back to St. Germain ( just across the park in the Louvre) to the place we had dinner, we knew it opened briefly for lunch so we got there in the nick of time.

This is ham, cheese, apples, pickles, celery,capers type of salad. it was so yummy.

Then we had Chicken Ratatoille 

img_3125Thi tasted like a good home cooked meal. The place that makes this food is a husband and wife, and the food is just exceptional. We took pictures of it the first day we got to paris, do you rememeber the pictures of the salmon in the window? This is that place.

Lovey shmovey pictures, sorry!

img_3153img_3146img_3154Okay promise thats it!

Now on for bigger and better things, like the Pompidou and my god is it big!

img_3159Ha sorry. We had a rhubard tart. Also big, also great. Okay sorry… err pompidou.


img_3183img_3163Okay bear with me. The Kandinsky exhibit was beautiful and huge. We were not allowed photos so these are pretty bad but I snuck them for you! See how much I love you. These were two of my favorites.img_3165img_3171Then off to the Calder portion. So interesting, I loved watching his circus movies. He made everything himself, and was a true child at heart.

img_3182Sculpture, Michael snapped this one, Antoine Pevsner was the artist.  Cool texture.img_3168


Oh yeah for dinner we went back to eat Senegalese food. that place is amazing. I need to find some of that in LA.


We fly home tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the long plane ride. 

This trip was a good thing, over all I loved it. There are many things I will do differently on another trip.

Oh yes I forgot to say!

Michael was accepted to the school upon his arrival. They loved his work that much. He was taken on a tour of the campus by the head of the architecture department and was very pleased with his day there. It is very exciting news. Now all we need is one more acceptance and we can begin to work on our plans at living in Amsterdam. I am very in love with Holland. It was like being at home. Not our home, but just the sense and feeling of a home. We will miss many things, but above all, the adventure. It was quite an adventure. I know the blog was all food and love, but there were some pretty interesting moments. Running after trains, runnign away from scary men who want to steal your stuff, getting in fights with french people who have filthy apartments and want you to pay them money. Ah, the joy. We will tell many of you these stories once we see you. Which reminds me, we cant wait to see our family and friends. We have thought of all of you on the trip and there is so much that makes you remember and cherish the people in your life while you are in new and different places.

I know I can be glad to say that I spent this trip with Michael. I love him dearly, and he is the best companion to be with when traveling. We are a perfect team, and I will always think of this trip fondly with him. 

So I leave you and myself with memories on this blog, and hopefully some new out looks on tasty treats to try and taking a trip overseas. Next trip…Thailand?!


love aimee and mike

One Response to “A Gayer better Paris”

  1. petite soeur Says:

    I know, I have been lagging in the comments…and you will actually be back in LA in about 2 hours, but I just wanted to comment one last time! first of all, CONGRATULATIONS MIKE!!!! aahhhh! that is so exciting!!!

    I’m glad you two enjoyed Paris, it looks like you two had the best weather..and food haha. Aimee, you look so French in those pictures, did anyone mistake you for a native!?

    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your blog! I love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow :]

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