The Many Faces of Aimee

April 15, 2009

img_2107img_2114img_2111img_2112img_2116img_21061img_2110She begged me not to, but I just couldn’t resist.  It’s love!



Halo! We are happy and well. Today we did museum FOAM, a photography exhibit that had Richard Avedon at it, and ARCAM which had a sustainable Amsterdam exhibit. We are about to go and get dinner but I thouhg ti would upload some stuff first!

Morning before we left:

img_2255img_2257This is our best buddy here. He is around 11.6% alcohol content. Pretty cheap, only 2 bucks.


Lunchin it.


img_2260Look at thi store. Holy mother. I mean seriously. This just screams to me the owner has a serious addiction issue eh… I mean what do you think goes through someones mind at the point when they have oh say 200 Nikons…?


if you can read some of the stuff… it was really interesting on how they are trying and in the process of making Amsterdam sustainable through it’s new buildings by 2020 or so. It was really great the ideas they had, California is doing very much of the same thing. It is really great and important for us to be looking toward the type of communities that are being formed to be eco friendly. Take a read, Im sorry the photos are small but I will blow some up so you can read some more fun facts.


img_2326img_2311img_2333img_2310img_2342Then a walk over to a park to eat our sandwiches…all the parks are so pretty. people just layin’ about. So nice and quiet.

img_2349img_2347img_2353img_2354img_2357then to FOAM:

FOAM, if you are ever in a bookstore and they are good enought to carry it , by far my favorite photography magazine. Strictly photogrpahy, has great and thought provoking interviews with art collectors, photographers, and students. I really enjoy each issue. It has some of the best and most artistic photographers always up to date in there issues. It is quarterly, and they have a gallery in Amsterdam since it is out of Amsterdam( the print version)

Richard Avedon was showing here, although I am not a huge fan, more of a Helmut Newton fan, this was pretty nice and I enjoyed it anyways. Here are some of our favs.

img_2378Babe time.

img_2380img_2381img_2382Mr. Burroughs 

img_2383An older and younger Avedon.


We ran into a typography gallery, went in for a second.


Sorry this was at a store called Droog, it was kind of weird. We had a good time with it.

img_23681img_2372img_2375OKay then we went home for a bit, my feet hurt, walking around, lots of walking. Then to din din. Remember I told you about that girl that was super cute that we met who was serving food, I took a picture of it in the last post. We went there. No No… not for the girl but because the food looked AMAy-zing and we wanted to get 5 dollar wraps for din din.

Here were some things we spotted on our walk that were neat.

img_23861img_2388img_2387img_2410Then had some food. There is pumpkin, chicken, green beans, prunes, apricots, and pumpkin seeds inside the wrap. Other photos are from what they had available also.




Thats it for the night! Tomorrow is my interview. I have to be there at 9:30AM. Im going to go shower and iron my clothes. Wish me luck!


April 14, 2009

Finally I get to show you around Amsterdam. Mike and I woke up very well this morning. We actually have mattresses! Our room is the cutest. High ceilings and fresh flowers, and we get our own kitchen. Which is what we have been wanting since our train fiasco made us spend a lot of money, we now get to eat from the workings of ourselves. 


We are staying in the cutest most pleasant area called Jordaan. Like I said, think of brooklyn mixed with silverlake, add some cobble stone streets, and a ton of bicycles, and canals, and then on top of that add very nice nice nice people! I love it here. If we move I am looking into this area for sure. Ever store is unique, everything smells great.

There are so many art galleries everywhere, and independent little shops. The best way to describe it, is everything is specialized here. There is rarely a store with a ton of just random things. There will be a stationary store, a cheese store, a tea shop, flower store, alpaca hat store, I dont know think of anything and they probably have it here. Ill start with this morning. Again we have an adorable little natural market right next to us, so we went to get food for cooking! 

They dont have any bags here, so you have to bring your own or you are a going to be prepared to shove everything in your purse. 

Also we got 3 days plus a couple worth of groceries for 27 bucks! So good.

So sorry tangent…. here was dinner from last night. I had an amazing goat cheese mango chilli chutney salad for 11 bucks, and michael had steak fries and a salad. Um… so most of you I am hoping know how good belgian/dutch fries are right… they are the ultimate french fry so big doubled fried and nice and fully of potato in the middle. sooo good. ( Shane this photo is for you)

img_2188img_2189img_2193img_2197Breakfast time, first morning waking up! A peak at our room!

img_2199img_22011Biscuits with every breakfast, so cute and good. I love biscuits. I wish all my friends ate like this, I would make them food every morning. I would have very plump friends Im sure.

Now for our walk through town. I tried to walk as much as I could today. I wanted to see the town by foot, take it all in. 

img_2202img_2203img_2205img_22041img_2207img_2213img_2217img_2209really neat canes, the tops were very Mr. Metz.

img_2208meeeow meow

img_2210neat sign. I liked the bird drawing.

img_2206Gallery big photos on the wall.

img_2214This place was rad, it was algerian food, and it was so sweet inside. Outside they set up little cushions to sit on the rooftop like that, you see? The waitress was so cute. I told mike I had a crush on her and he admitted so did he. hehe, we like these dutch people!

img_2216gallery… someone left there shoes and the tv on the ground. 

img_2218Oh yeah! Let me tell you this, Another thing I love. So So SO SO SOSOOSOS many plants everywhere. everyone loves plants here or something. Little pots, big pots, flowers and greenery everywhere. It adds to the charm times 100!

img_2219and house boats, aw this place is so adorable.

img_2223img_22281Friends and Family, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, GRA, friends and family. 

This school was rad inside and out, we were into it! The kids there were all different looking funky weird hair, and clothes, very nice faces and smiles, also there were all these sheets to go to gallery exhibits out of town and all you had to do was sign your name and you got to go with on the bus to the exhibit! This school was very minimalist inside, But had a lot of personality. All of the students were very goal oriented it seemed. Working hard on things, keeping to themselves. The departments were so small! So good! All kinds of drawings, sculpture, and photographs everywhere. Michael really loved it here especially.

The people seemed kind here, not cold and pretentious. I was especially favorable of this. I have to say, everythng seems to be very good on both fronts, school wise, and city wise. My interview is on Thursday, but I feel very confident. I am really happy with my new work and I think it has greatly improved from the first portfolio I sent in 5 months ago. Mike is just finishing his 2nd portfolio up right now. he is doing some sketches behind me as I type!


img_2224img_2231These are the swiss cheese tomato mustard and ham and arugula sandwiches I told you about. yum yum in our tum tums.

img_2237Took another on foot adventure Around the city. Lovers in the park with a bottle of wine. Wine every where and beer! They are not crazy about this like in America.

img_2238img_2239img_2241This was a really beautiful park area, i was huge. Young people meetings up for beers together in the park, and little tapas. So cute. Families playing with kids. A nice atmosphere.

img_2244little coffee store, so neat eh.

img_2245fancy chocolatier. Nice shoes.

img_2248Oh Im sorry! I totally forgot to tell you I found heaven! Whoo, my bad. That must have slipped my little mind. So I found it, here it is. Thats right, I know you were all thinking the same thing. Well thank god right. 

img_2249little thai food place. Look how cute the outside is, it really adds to the feel of Amsterdam. All of the little things. 

So thats it! We actually had indonesian food for dinner, it was yummy and quick, we did not take any photos though. Tomorrow we are going to a couple of museums. FOAM, which is a photography gallery, and ARCAM, which is an Architecture Center. 

See you tomorrow!

Last day Italy

April 14, 2009

MMmmm right now I am stuffing my face with a home made sandwich! I have a new love/addiction. Swiss ham and tomato sandwich with beer! Ah so good. Mike and I just picked up my portfolio from the Rietveld. It is around a 20 min bus ride through town. But more on that later! Here is me naked! I am teasing haha. I am just excited to tell you about my dip in the mediteranean. 

img_20031img_2006img_2013img_2021Now Mike did not go in, so no birthday suit photos for you. But lets see. We walked over to some deserted inlet and put our feet in. it was pretty chilly. Really chilly. But so good too! Our poor feet stuck in our walking shoes all day. We wanted to give them some therapy. So I took a quick glance around and hopped right in. For exactly 25 seconds! I hopped in and you know when your body goes through this initial Im freezing holy crap phase. That happened. We actually video taped it and Iwhen I watched it afterwards I realized I said nothing the entire time I was very serious! Its because I had that initial crap, my muscles are going to freeze and I will drown. Ha, Im sure Mike’s and my dad are like, you dodo’s you are in the mediterannean you are not going to freeze, but I say shut it I was scared! Anyways I got up and dried off. Then I realized something! I am bleeding everywhere!

img_2023Just teasing. Those little barnacles must have gotten to my ankle. Thought I would share, I know it is not important but I wanted to sound a bit dramatic.

img_2024the happy beach goers. Although Mike looks a bit serious. Maybe he was concentrating on the camera shutter.

img_2026img_2029Then we walked up for some lunch. Look who I met, she was beautiful, but kind of having a bit of a bad day.

We will name her Bertha.

img_2030Oi! bertha have you been laying in the sun too long! You look like you could use some sun tan lotion… next time I suppose.( we took no part in bertha for your information)

img_2032img_2036The colors I mean, when I upload them to the internet it sucks a bit of the color our, but imagine just such radiant color. I was amazed. These are good veggies, no GMO!

Then foodie.

img_20381img_2041pretty staircase eh? We ate here right out in front of the cafe.

on a small side note. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley band came out with a new record. I have been listening to it non stop since last night since a friend of mine sent it to me before it came out. They did a documentary and it is free to watch and have at

I don’t know who is really into him, but I am, and I have to say I quite like a few songs on this record. 

Okay now we decided to take our night mellow, We walked over to the breaker and laid on the rocks.  the light was beautiful, and the rocks, let me sayimg_2087, were huge HUGE slabs of white granite. I felt kind of odd laying on such beautiful rocks. They made for pretty photos. Please excuse the large amounts of them.

img_2052img_2058img_2073img_2079Here are some photos we took with our Land camera. I am quite partial to the first. It is not nearly as pretty on the internet, in person it is a bit brighter more saturated.




Alrighty. So we did not want to take many pictures our last day in italy which was the day after this. Sometimes bringing a camera out at every moment can be a bit of a chore at times. And who likes chores! But all of the other times we are so happy to show you and to keep memories for ourselves.

I am so happy to update with you about amsterdam. But you know, out of all the towns I have been to here. The photos do not do Amsterdam justice. There is something about this place, that is so much more homelier and charming when you are here. Everything is small here. Not so huge. It is digest-able if you will. I keep waiting for it to stop being so charming, so lovely, so unique everytime I turn a corner. It isn’t. I really feel at home here. I was waiting for that feeling. This whole time. I knew if I came here and it felt off, if something was not right I would know. I am intuitive that way. I do not feel that here. I wish I could bring all of my loved ones here if I come to live. I cant wait to show you pictures. I take so many here. Thats how I know I love it so much. Design is so key over here. Fonts, space alignment, color, detail is so good here. everything from my tea box, to a match box, to a cafe, to the nearby market. Is so well done. The dutch, I said it once, and Ill say it again. They are just on top of it.

Love Aimee and Mike.

Secret garden

April 13, 2009

Michael Has had a growing appetite. When you live with a errr growing boy, you have to compensate. More bread I say it is cheap and it fills him up so that I don’t have to hear about it an hour later. Breakfast of champs anyone..

img_1854img_1858Lets just get right into lunch eh? 

img_1859img_1860The top food item with Pesto was mine. It is actually made from Chickpea flour. It was mega carb filling. So oily though and really intense tasting. It was a little over kill. The pesto was just so much on it, and there was no flour and thick crust to make up for it. I could barely finish it. Mike has salami and potato rosemary.. mmm mm.

Then we finished up some laundry in the next town over and look what we saw in the mediteranean. No it is not  seal. No not a beluga. Its an old bald man! haha look at him go. 

img_1862We then went on a long up hill hike to the wine co op. Where they make all of the wine in the cinque terre area. 

This was the prettiest hike I have been on ever. I have been on many a hikes. But this was so beautiful. The smells of smoke from farms, like burning cedar filling the air, birds singing, moss and cobble stones under my feet. It was magical. Like secret garden.

Take a look.



img_1885img_1910img_1903img_1907We arrived at the co op. And they had no idea what to make of it! It was pretty funny. They said eh you wanna take a look, go ahead its open. So we basically just went in and did everything on our own. Kind of fun.

img_1891img_1892img_1897img_1899Packaged and ready to be put down the street.


img_1901the gifty shoppe. yeah yeah the parents get some stuff. 

img_1918img_1920img_1923img_1929img_1930diiiinnnnneeerrr. was good. Can you tell I am getting tired right now.. Man these posts, they take a while! Who knew bloggers actually did a lot of work! I have to hand it to them. Either that or I need a faster internet connection. Now for one last photo that michael hates! But! it makes me laugh so hard, and I know that he will get me back for it, since I have a pretty goofy photo of myself coming up in a later post. 

img_1973HAH okay hahaha, michael is like please dont please dont please. But I have to Mike!  it is so good. OKay mike is laughing now, its a go. 

oh yeah, one more italy post, and then on to amsterdam. Which we are in! We had a 27 hour train trip. It was so long, so tiring and I was smelly and dirty and mike and I cried to each other at times. But we are so happy right now. The bed is the best bed ever and sorry to inform you all, well, our parents.

We offically love Amsterdam and we have not even been here that long. It is like Brooklyn mixed with echo park, mixed with a child like dollhouse and moss covered cobbled stone streets, It smells like barbeque while walking down the street, people sit on there steps and drink wine while the sun goes down. Im afraid I have to report if we get accepted to the Rietveld… we want to be here badly. Its everything we could have asked for. There is a cat museum and a sex museum! CRAZY huh. Plus we had chap beers and an amazing meal tonight. Tomorrow we go and see the Rietveld for fun and look around. I will catch up on all the posts tomorrow so it is day relevant.


Love to you all. Hope you are all healthy, smiling, and being good to each other.

love aimee and mike

This post is to break things up a bit. And also for our dear and lovely and amazing friends Hannah and Landon Metz. We are thinking of you two everyday, we love and miss you. This is for you.

Cats of Italy.

img_1724Meow #1 we found her in the mountains!

img_1730Meow Meow #2. Yes she is alive! I was a bit afraid actually.

img_1736img_1742Therapy session.

img_1914why heelloo.

img_1994Haha, okay. This cat was the ultimate cat. I know, he looks a bit psychotic. But he would swim in the ocean!  And lay around all day long. He also went crazy on my hand and I feared for rabies for a a minute. Luckily little to no blood was drawn. I have a love hate relationship with him. I would like to see him catch a live fish, then it would be just a love true admiration relationship.. until then.

img_2042Fatty pants.


img_2125There you have it.

Also I made a song to go along with this blog. Mike sings back up and you can play it while looking at any of these photos. I have a music video for it also. But all in good time will that come.


Italy Manarola day 2

April 13, 2009

Ah waking up in Cinque Terre. Nothing beats it. We though it be best we start saving our pennies a bit more, so there was a tiny market below us next to the restaurant, that brought in fresh produce every morning and baked bread. We got crafty and I churned out some pretty delicious breakfasts every morning from there on out. 

I really enjoy getting food from the market first thing in the morning. It wakes you up, gets you greeting people, and is nice to do something that seems to give back to the immediate environment. Like the local grocer instead of the local ralphs.

img_1651img_1652img_1654So in Cinque Terre in order to get to each town you either have to hike, or take a small train. The hikes is around 3 hours for us to get to the 2nd town. They go in ascending order. Monterosso, vernazza, corniglia,manarola,riomaggiore. So we went up to vernazza. Monterosso is actually the biggest tourist area. We were into keeping it pretty mellow, and only wanted to go up for a 3 hour hike. What a hike it was! Holy crap. I am in pretty good shape and so is Michael, but man, this hike kinda of kicked our asses. But the views… made it worth every step.

img_1668those are wild white iris’s below… eh hem mum!img_16561img_1670Then we had arrived into Corniglia. It was a bit pulled back off the ocean. These are some grape vines in people’s yards. I felt so lame taking pictures of people’s yards. But out of all odds, since our land lords are actually from Italy, I cant tell you how many of the same things they have in there yard that people here in italy do. Yes yes, the climates are basically the same, but even the way they did their own garden resembled these. We have gape vines, lemon tress, orange and tangerine trees, rosemary bushes. It was all the same here. Very cute to see that. ANyways again, this is cornigula, pulled back off the ocean with a rich area of vineyards and lush green crop.

img_1693img_1711img_1700We kept walking, it just kept getting better. It was so beautiful. Really the only noises were birds chirping and water running. So peaceful and relaxing to be hiking.img_1721

img_1713img_1718img_1728Where we had just hiked from, this was a pretty decent uphill climb.

img_1729img_1731Look mom, I got you a flower via the internet! It’s for you, I thought of you when I saw all of the wild iris’s growing. ❤

And finally to vernazza!

img_1749My hands obviously. I usually get a bit antsy when food is right there. I have learned to try and wait for these blog photos first. This is eggplant zuchinni and tomato pizza my friends. it was pretty good. Pizza here is way different that NY style pizza. its gourmet or something… healthier tasting and more perfected in every bite.I can’t really put my finger on it.

img_1759And then we went down to the wave breaker things, sorry, I have had 3 beers and I cant remember the correct terminology at the moment. Mike looks content eh. He almost fell asleep on me.

img_1766looking up into Vernazza.

img_1782I have a crush on all italian men. Old and young. What is it with them. They always seem very content and busy, but while being busy still looking very relaxed. I must know this secret.

So after this we were so lazy we took the train back. It was a long hike! Dont give me that! I was tired from all that pizza and laying in the sun. 

We went home and cleaned up then took a stroll to the flat over look into Manarola. Basically 15 feet from out room. The sun was setting and I felt like an old couple. That goes down to watch the sun set every night. Mike brought his sketch book and I just started taking photos. Did I mention to you that calla lilies grow everywhere out here. They are so beautiful, there shape. They remind me of churned butter.  

img_17891img_1790img_17981img_1796img_1803Now down to the water.

img_1821img_1823img_1853img_1837Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the camera prefers me as a red head, so not to confuse anyone. It is the cameras preference I have little to no say in this.

img_1848Farewell my loves! Onto the next day.